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There's  nothing like entering an unknown abyss , descending into a deep chasm knowing that the only way out is through. Canyoneering is about using athleticism and ingenuity to overcome improbable passages. Our goal is to not only get our clients through the canyon safely, but to  share the skills we've learned through years spent honing our craft.  

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Escape Rooms

Each room has a specific theme. After you and your team have chosen your room, the door will close and you will have one hour to use the elements, props, and puzzles along with your collective wits and knowledge to solve the puzzles and “escape” the room.





Nature and the outdoors can provide more inspiration and opportunity than even the best equipped training or meeting room, and challenge courses are a great fun and exciting way to assess your physical and mental strengths & limitations. Make the next step and expand your comfort zone to learn how to develop valuable lifelong skills!

Adults (18&up 250lb MAX. ) $69

Youth (6-17) $69

3 person min.

930-1130AM check in time 9:10AM

opening March 15

Closed april 12-21, July 20-31





Join the fun of horse or mule riding in Moab through miles of scenic open range in the most spectacular country you can imagine. Enjoy the peace and quiet as you meander along the Colorado River, cross creeks, or visit famous movie sites while enjoying the feel of open range riding. Step back in time and enjoy the raw, unchanged splendor of the Moab desert with our experienced and knowledgeable wranglers who guide you on a personalized horseback and mule trail ride rich in the history and folklore of Moab.

It takes about 25 minutes to drive to the ranch from downtown Moab. 

Standard half day ride 3 HRS $129 Ea. 

PM Ride 1.5 HRS $99 Ea. 



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Zip through the longest land-to-land zip line course in the United States while getting exclusive views of the beautiful high desert. Traverse our 100-Foot Suspension Bridge and hike along the red rock fins. 

This 2.5 hour trip includes

6 zip lines

100 ft. suspension bridge

beautiful scenery & great memories

Adults (16+ years)  $134.00+tax
Youth (8-15 years)    $ 99.00+tax



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