Choose from our 4x4 off-road options

Choose one of our off-road 4x4 trips, we've got something for everyone! These tours are unlike any Jeep or Hummer Tours you've done before. Our state of the art vehicles are custom built and have top notch safety equipment for all passengers. 

From our one of a kind Xtreme ride to our U-Drive Hells Revenge tour, and our Scenic 4x4 trips! All tours depart morning and sunset daily! All tours include a guide! The U-Drive Tour is a great option if you are looking for a rental type vehicle but you aren't familiar with our Moab Terrain!

Our Famous and most popular off-road tour - the "Xtreme Tour" is only in our guided custom built rock crawler vehicles. 

Xtreme 4x4_-30.jpg

Our 2 hour Xtreme tour is on the same trail as the 3 hour tour but doesn't include all of the obstacles and intensity that the 3 hour trip includes. 

It is in the Moab back country where you will see beautiful views of Arches National Park in the distance and stand 1,000 ft. above the Colorado River. There are plenty of fun photo opportunities!

Bottled water and snacks are provided.


$109/Youth 14 & Under

Private Tours Now Available! 





Drive one of our 4 seater side by sides up and over the Hells Revenge Slickrock trail.

You'll be following our guide and we specialize in small, personable  groups for your safety and comfort.

This doesn't quite take the same hard lines through the trail as the Xtreme tours do - but it is still a thrilling ride as you drive up and over steep angles on pure petrified sand dunes! 

Bottled water & Snacks are provided

$245 for the first 2 passengers

$99 to ride with the guide

Vehicles are private to your party- but others may be occupying other vehicles during the tour.





Exciting trail adventure!

Beautiful views of Canyonlands, great for photographers and families of all ages!

You'll see ancient Indian petroglyph panels, a hand full of Arches, red rock spires and towering canyon walls all along the beautiful Colorado River.

We will make a few short stops to snack, take pictures, and talk about the Moab history.

Water & Snacks are provided


$79/Youth 14 & Under

Private Tours Now Available! 




Xtreme 4x4_-29.jpg

This is a one of a kind tour - and our most popular.

This tour's obstacles may include Car Wash Hot Tub, Mickeys Hot Tub, Escalator, Hells Gate and MORE!

This tour includes beautiful Moab overlooks and plenty of photo opportunities. We take the hardest lines up every boulder and wall!

We include the best safety equipment and welcome all ages to join us on this thrilling ride.

Bottled water & Snacks are provided


$149/Youth 14 & Under

Private Tours Now Available! 





4.5 Hour Guided Tour of Hells Revenge and Fins N' Things Trails. 

Go on an off-roading adventure driving one of our 4 seater vehicles and following behind a guide for the safest and most fun experience!

Drive up and over the Slickrock hills out to the Colorado River Overlook. This tour is safe and fun for all ages! All ages welcome!

Bottled water & Snacks are provided

$385 for the first 2 passengers

$145 for each additional rider (per vehicle)

$145 to ride with the guide

vehicles are private to your party - but others may be occupying other vehicles during tour.




Xtreme 4x4_-18 copy.jpg

During our Xtreme 5 hour tour you'll not only get to experience Hells Revenge Trail, but you'll get a second trail on this trip as well! 

Both trails are xtreme and thrilling slick rock paths through red rock back country. 

This trip is the ultimate Xtreme experience. some different trail options are available for this trip

*Poison Spider Trail

*Fins N' Things & Hells Revenge

*Hells Revenge & Moab Rim Trail

Fins N' THings & Hells Revenge are standard for the 5 hour unless requested otherwise. 

Bottles water & Snacks are provided. 


$182/Youth 14 & Under

Private Tours Now Available! 





Riders must have an open mind and an adventurous spirit.

Ride in our 2 passenger buggy and get ready to get buck wild.

This trip is not a slow "cowboy stories" type of tour. We are going to do some crazy stuff, and is the only one of its type.

You will be riding along at your own risk - the possibility of this tour getting a little sideways is possible. 

We will go over all safety gear and do a safety talk before the departure of this tour.

Riders are reserving this private vehicle and price reflects up to 2 passengers.