North Wash

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The Irish Canyons

The Irish Canyons are the center of canyoneering in North Wash. With short approaches, a wide range of difficulty levels and unsurpassed beauty, it's understandable why these are the most popular canyons in the area and many canyoneer's introduction to the area. Composed of three separate canyon systems: Leprechaun, Blarney, and Shillelagh, the Irish Canyons offer something for everyone whether beginner or experienced. With a short approach, the Irish Canyons also make it possible to do multiple objectives in a day. 

Upon booking we will contact you to custom fit your ideal experience in these incredible canyons 


$269/ person (two person minimum)  

The Hog Canyons

The Hog Canyons, though every bit as beautiful, are a noticeable step above in commitment compared to the Irish Canyons. Four forks offer various levels of difficulty from moderate to difficult. Bolted anchors are few and far between in The Hog Canyons. Instead a more traditional ethic of utilizing creative natural anchors such as deadman anchors, sand traps and other advanced techniques have been embraced here. The Hog Canyons are great for those with experience in basic canyoneering looking to learn the skills behind "Ghosting": descending a canyon without a trace.  

$299/ person