Dinosaur Safari

Moab is home to some of the largest collections of Dinosaur Tracks and Fossil Records in the world.

Our guides have been working with leading paleontologists to offer a guided tour of the most recent discoveries unearthed in the area, some of which are only now accessable to the public.

This half day guided tour begins with an optional visit to Moab's brand new Dinosaur Museum: Moab Giants, where you can view life sized replicas, exhibits and attractions that can teach us about these amazing creatures that left their mark here up to 190 million years ago.

Once armed with this fuel for the imagination, we'll head into the field and examine pristine tracks left by numerous dinosaurs including Allosaurus, Camptosaurus, Stegosaurus, Camarasaurus and more during their epic journey to unknown destinations.

These amazing tracks will lead us to the last destination of this exciting tour.

A short drive will lead us to place where many of the creatures we've been tracking finally met their end... leaving behind fossilized remains of their lives, their stories, and the strange world that was Moab long before the age of humanity. Come track with us!

Total Trip Length: 2-4 Hours
Difficulty: Easy
Hiking Time: 30 Minutes
Hiking Distance: .5 Miles
Price: $99/person

(Prices do not include Museum entrance fees)