Price is $30 per adult ages 12 and older and $25 per youth 0-11 for each room. 15% Group discount available for parties of 8 or more.


Online booking available by clicking on the 'Book Now' buttons below, or you may call us at 435-260-8913 to reserve spaces. If you don't see your time available please call, often times we can make special accommodations.


Depending on the size of your group, you may be teamed up with other participants. Our rooms accommodate up to 8 people. If you have a group larger than 8, or you would like to schedule a private party, please contact us.

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60 MINUTES     |  2-8 PLAYERS

It’s that time of year in Moab, Jeep Safari. The town is teeming with adrenaline-pumped 4×4 enthusiasts ready to put their rigs to the test against Moab’s famous red rock obstacles, and some naughty delinquents have tinkered in some way with almost every 4×4 in town. Every bay in Arches garage is full, the shop is in disarray, tow trucks are en route to the garage, and everyone is on pins and needles. You’ve been called in to finish the current work tickets and bring the shop into order. Quickly. There’s no time to lose, your expertise is crucial. If you fail, Jeep Safari, a world-famous tradition, over half a century in the making, will be ruined. But, if you escape Arches garage in time, you will have an honored place in 4×4 history.

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60 MINUTES     |  2-8 PLAYERS

You’ve planned the trip of a lifetime. You’re spending a few days in Canyonlands National Park exploring some of the most desolate backcountries on the planet. You’re two days into your remote journey when you stumble across a yet to be discovered ancient rock art panel. You’re giddy with excitement, and admittedly, you’ve been standing in awe for more than a significant amount of time. The guide you hired is anxious to keep moving and get camp set up for the evening. He suggests he goes ahead while you continue to absorb the discovery. Tearing a paper from his journal, he draws you a crude map of the trail.  As you take the paper, a feeling of trepidation washes over you. What do you know about surviving on your own in the harsh desert? But you shake off the worry. Your guide is a professional, if he thinks you can find camp on your own, then you can find camp on your own.  And it turns out, you can! You are more than a little proud of yourself when you see the tent in the distance. However, when you enter the campsite, your skin begins to prickle. Something is off. It’s quiet. Too quiet. Even for the lonely desert. More ominous, someone is missing. Your guide. Do you have the skills to escape Base Camp on your own? Or will you fail, and hope somebody finds you before the coyotes do?

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60 MINUTES     |  2-8 PLAYERS

The first ever Canyonlands Carnival has come to town! A few of our local girls went to see the show, but it's been hours and hours and they still haven't returned. As part of the volunteer search party that has been organized to scour the hills, canyons, and town you are the first to arrive at the carnival grounds. What you encounter is more than creepy, it's abominable. 

Your skin prickles, not because of the grotesque scene, because your every nerve can feel you're being watched... stalked. You can't turn back, all you can do is move forward and find an exit. And you must find it quickly. Something evil is lurking.

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60 MINUTES     |  2-10 PLAYERS

It has been years since you’ve been in your grandparent’s house. Now, vacant and nearly forgotten, a wave of regretful nostalgia sweeps over you. You find yourself in the attic amongst the trove of family memorabilia. You’re pushed, or maybe pulled into the center of the room. Unsure whether it was of your own volition, or other forces beckoning you forward, your eyes make a careful sweep of your surroundings, and land on the heavy attic door—just in time to see it swing shut. Terrific, you’re locked in the dusty attic. The only thing to do is shake off the unease and move forward, or perhaps backward, and decipher what is junk and what is treasure, amongst the decades of memories your relatives left behind.

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